At Sale Caravan and Boat Storage, we have a 4500m2 site with a 2200m2 fully enclosed factory to store your caravan, boat, motor home or other vehicle needing well protected high security storage. The premises are protected with electronic security integrated with camera surveillance 24/7.

All items stored within the enclosed factory are required to have full comprehensive insurance including cover whilst being stored at 314 Raglan Street Sale. Proof of cover will be required for file records.

There is no height restriction for items stored.


At Sale Caravan and Boat Storage our facility offers easy access for drop off and pick up of your item stored. All items dropped off are transferred from our external compound into our fully enclosed warehouse by our trained staff. There is no reversing or parking of your caravan or boat required by their owners. When pick up is required the caravan or boat will be removed from our warehouse and presented into the enclosed compound so you only need to hitch up to your van or boat and drive off.

Whilst within the enclosed locked compound your stored item will also be under camera surveillance.

Our facility also offers internal storage rooms for items other than of an inflammable or explosive nature. We also offer high security document and archives storage with exclusive entry for the storer only.

As our premises are secured with CCTV and alarm security, drop off and pick up is by appointment with 24 hour prior notice.


At SC&B Storage we have various rate schedules depending on the length and size of the item being stored. We offer short and long term rates . The long term rate will ensure your pen is still available when you return from your trip.

Pick up is by appointment with 24 hour prior notice.


314 Raglan Street
Sale Victoria 3850

  • 03 5144 2161